21st October, 2014


Old picture I found from two years ago, love the way the blinds cast light on only the iphone.


Old picture I found from two years ago, love the way the blinds cast light on only the iphone.


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by bitplay Inc.

An iPhone 6 case with an actual shutter button & interchangeable lenses that make photo-taking easy, fun and professional.

SNAP! 6 - More than just an iPhone case

Looking for the right case that works best with the camera on your new 
iPhone 6? Here comes SNAP! 6.

Designed with modern aesthetics and functionality in mind, SNAP!6 is not just a case, it is a complete game changer that makes snapping a picture with your iPhone easy and smooth. With an actual shutter button and portable, interchangeable lenses, now you can take photos with your iPhone with ease and at the same time go creative without sacrificing mobility. Taking perfect selfies and amazing photos has never been so seamless, and taking a case out of your pocket has never been this satisfying.

WHY SNAP! 6 WORKS - Perfect gesture and shutter button placement

Situation A / Taking picture with SNAP! 6
Lens are not blocked. Easy and firm grip with one hand. Snapping photo with shutter.

Situation B / Taking pictures without SNAP! 6 with one hand
Lens are blocked. Hard to hold with one hand. No shutter button.

Situation C / Taking pictures without SNAP! 6 with two hand
Need to use both hands. Not convenient.

As a photography enthusiast ourselves, we realized no matter how much we love to take pictures with our iPhones, we always encountered that awkward moment of not being able to snap a perfect shot naturally and easily. Whether we used the volume button or touch screen to take a shot, we usually ended up with shaky photos or our hands blocking the view. Taking a steady shot with a single hand was almost impossible.

So, we came up with the idea of incorporating an actual shutter button on our SNAP! 6 case. When you hold your phone horizontally, the shutter button is on the upper right hand corner, just as how you would use the shutter on a real camera. With our patent pending mechanical design, the shutter button and volume rocker (-) button is situated within the back of the cover case. So when you press the shutter button of the SNAP! 6, the volume button will be simultaneously pressed as well to trigger the camera shutter (a built-in function of the default camera app).

Now you can quickly unlock the phone with a thumb swipe and then use your index finger to snap a shot with the shutter without your hand being in the way. We are hoping that with our patent-pending shutter-design case, we can deliver that same kind of feel and experience when using a real camera to our users.


SNAP!6 is not just a case. We’ve gone through a lot of trial-and-errors and revisions. 

Eventually we came up with a unique and patent-pending design that allows the shutter button to be pressed easily without compromising the thinness and premium look of the iPhones.


1. Single-hand control

In this ever-moving, ever-busy era, people are always on the go, always multi-tasking. We struggle with using both of our hands simultaneously for different matters. We hold our phones in one hand while grabbing a bag or coffee with the other. And when that special moment happens, we want to capture it with the only hand available, it becomes like a juggling act.

Now, with SNAP! 6’s shutter button and anti-slippery grip design, we can hold the phone steadily and simply press the button to snap a pic without any trouble. Whether you are hiking, shopping, sightseeing, biking or even just playing with your phone, you can easily take the shot with a single hand. No more juggling around, no more awkward posture.

2. Selfies made easy

Taking perfect selfies can be quite a challenge. You need to make sure you hold the camera at the right angle, stretch your arms far enough so that it doesn’t cover the lens and at the same time try to find your way through the volume button that acts as a shutter when taking pictures. The frustration can be endless. However, with SNAP! 6, it is simply no hassle, no fuss.

Inspired by traditional camera, SNAP!6 allows you to securely hold your iPhone and take advantage of the uniquely-designed shutter button, just one press, it’s done. It is as simple as how you would use your digital camera. It’s that easy. Now you can take selfies without sweating it.

3. Professional photo-taking

Similar to professional cameras, SNAP!6 also comes with interchangeable lenses. By having a macro and wide-angle lenses, you can now enjoy the benefits of enhanced photo with amazing details, quality and wider perspective. Your iPhone is transformed into a powerful pro-level camera that is as intuitive and functional as it is sleek and compact.


No matter if you are someone who’s always on the go, an adventurous traveler, an inspiring journalist or photographer, or even a proud parents, this sleek SNAP! 6 case is specifically designed for you and your iPhone 6.

Aligned with Apple’s unapologetic design ethos, we focus on two things-

Design and how it matters to YOU. 

SNAP! 6, with Its metallic finish and polished, modern look, it also comes in shades that fit everyone.

Classic Black, Premium Silver, Strawberry Pink and Deep Blue. No matter what your preferences are, you can always find a color that best represents your personality. There’s no over-the-top embellishment or out-of-there bling-bling. SNAP! 6 is all about simplicity, quality and elegance.

What really makes SNAP! 6 stand out is the experience it brings to our users. That experience doesn’t just stop at aesthetics. At bitplay, we strive to create a case that does not only adopt craftsmanship and delicacy but also concentrates on what makes the experience better- ergonomic handle and non-slippery design.

SNAP! 6 also comes with a hands-free strap that brings your iPhone closer to you. It is in our heart to form a bond between not just people and devices but also among people. Only when we hold on to that emotional connection, we create everlasting memory that matters.

And that, is what SNAP! 6 is about.


Here are some images taken from the prototype of SNAP! 6. We are still working on improving some details, but it’s pretty much what the final product will look like. We will keep updating that latest progress we have. 


Thanks to the amazing support we got for SNAP! 6, we finally have a chance to build the App we ourselves dream of having to work with SNAP! 6, that’s is SNAP! Pro.

While the SNAP! 6 case and lenses work perfectly with the native iOS camera app, SNAP! Pro provides an intuitive camera-like interface with advanced settings such as shutter speed, white balance, exposure level, filters, frames and many more features. All of the advanced camera settings will be free to unlock for SNAP! 6 users with an unique serial number in each package.

We wanted to share with you some sneak peak screenshots of the App. We plan to have SNAP! Pro available by the beginning of November. Just in time for your SNAP! 6!

The new lenses for SNAP! 6 are available now!!

As listed below, here are the four lenses for SNAP! 6. The 2 in 1 lens (Marco + Wide Angle) is the one in the original packages. We now provide two extra lenses, Fisheye Lens and 3X Telephoto Lens, and a CPL filter.

Wide angle + Macro Lens These lenses come with a macro lens and a wide angle filter. So it can be used as a macro angle lens or added with the filter to become a wide angle lens.

13th October, 2014

#iphone 4s#juicy couture#ipad#iphone case

#iphone 4s#juicy couture#ipad#iphone case

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